Creating a Lasting Impression and Furthering Your Cause

Build the Brand and the Rest Will Follow

The struggle of any organization or business is to break through and make a real, lasting impression with the target audiences who further their cause.  This can only be accomplished by demonstrating message discipline, creativity and a commitment to advocacy, ensuring decision makers are hearing from both the grasstops as well as the grassroots.  Even in the age of internet and social media, surveys show that letters, phone calls and personal communications from prominent constituents remain one of the most effective ways to persuade undecided lawmakers and their senior staff.  Grasstops is one way to ensure your likely and unlikely allies are speaking on the big issues before Congress and no one in Alabama is better connected to leverage our relationships to help communicate your story to policy makers in Washington and Montgomery.

Skipper Group serves as the go to public affairs partner in Alabama and has been a part of high level campaigns on diverse issues ranging from air traffic control reform to changes in federal chemical safety laws.  Founded on the modern day reality that political power is derived in the home states and districts of elected officials, with our extensive campaign background – Skipper Group provides a unique, effective approach to achieving goals, seizing opportunities and solving problems for clients.