Government Relations

Getting results in today’s political climate requires the support of key government decision makers on the local level, Capitol Hill, in federal agencies and in the White House. Skipper Group can connect you on all of these levels. No one works harder to help you achieve your policy and program goals than we do. Our team includes individuals who have a keen understanding of how Montgomery and Washington operate enabling us to help you successfully navigate the complexities of government.

Skipper Group will work to craft government relations strategies tailored to meet your needs. We understand not only the current political environment, but also the underlying policy processes, and we can navigate the intersection of the two. Skipper Group will help you create a successful state and federal roadmap by delivering strategic and targeted communications to government leaders, identifying business opportunities, and creating a base of champions to advocate for your objectives.

Business Advisors

Skipper Group has a long and successful track record of representing clients on a full spectrum of business development efforts. Our business development strategy is an integral part of the value we bring to our clients and is woven into everything we do.

Our veteran team of business professionals serves as an extension of our client’s staff. We have the resources and capabilities to elevate our clients to the next level. Our team works to identify, qualify, and shape opportunities for our clients, targeting specific opportunities and enhancing their win rates.  Our strategy is simple – put the right product in the hands of the right customer.

Public Affairs

We believe that political power is derived in the home states and districts of elected officials.  Ensuring that those people are seated around the table and engaged in the discussion can be the difference maker.  Skipper Group offers traditional grassroots lobbying services as well as other unique and related services, such as grasstops personalized communications, membership activation, in-state coalition building, targeted media relations, and opinion leader education.

With our extensive campaign background, we identify and mobilize the appropriate constituencies at the local and district level and transform them into persuasive communicators.  We craft messages and frame the debate; then we develop coalitions to help deliver the message of the campaign and advocate to their members and policy makers