Working with Governors, Members of Congress, and State Legislators

Providing Guidance and Access to Achieve Your Goals at the Federal and State Level

Skipper Group will provide expertise and guidance that is only attained through years of public service.  After serving Senator Jeff Sessions, Congressman Robert Aderholt and Congressman Mike Rogers, Skipper Group has gained a familiarity with legislative and administrative policies and processes. Consequently, we are uniquely situated to leverage our understanding of government affairs to aid our clients. Skipper Group will work to craft government relations strategies tailored to each clients’ needs.  We understand not only the current political environment, but also the underlying policy processes and can help our clients’ navigate the intersection of these two.

We can assist our clients in delivering strategic and targeted communications to government leaders; identifying business opportunities; and navigating the complexities of government. Based on your goals, we can design and implement a strategy that targets government leaders, molds legislation, and creates a base of champions to advocate for your objectives. Our successes in Montgomery and Washington are built on our reputation for integrity and our ability to navigate the political atmosphere at any time.


Organization of grassroots and other advocacy efforts

Defense and Homeland Security

Whether you are a small defense company with a great idea or a growing business with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in sales, we are tenacious about advancing your cause so that public officials hear your message in a credible manner and have the information needed to make well-informed decisions.


Clients from the pharmaceutical research industry, nursing homes, medical device manufacturers and hospitals depend on Skipper Group for its distinctive knowledge of the health care policy and regulatory landscape.

State and Local

Direct advocacy to legislative leadership at the state and local level.